Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

1. Yin Yang

Opposites attract. This, despite the protests of some, is true. Heck, even science agrees with it. Positively-charged ions are attracted to negatively-charged ones. Only in this case, good girls are attracted to bad boys.
There is simply something about a person who is the exact opposite of who you are. You just can't help but be attracted to him/her. This tendency might be based on something as simple as curiosity. A good girl has, by definition, never stepped a foot outside the zone of all that is right and by the law. She knows nothing about the life and ways of a bad boy. And, so, when she meets one, she cannot help but be drawn in by the mystery of it all.

2. Freedom
You remember looking at Ms. Goody Two Shoes and thinking, "Wow, her life must be so boring." And you know what, you just might have been right. Her life might really be boring. Well, dull and mundane might be better ways of saying it. But really, there doesn't seem to be much a good girl is allowed to do. She lives restricted not only by the law but by norms and expectations and other binding rules. And, as the chains wrap tighter and tighter around her, her need and desire to break free only grows stronger. Just imagine the temptations and possibilities a bad boy offers!

3. Fixers Fix Broken Things

Good girls are fixers.

And, fixers think they can fix broken things.

Unfortunate as it may seem, bad boys are listed under said "broken things". Apparently, bad boys are simply good boys that have been broken by circumstances in their past.

4. Alternative Drug

Skipping classes.
Riding motorcycles.
Jumping off cliffs (and into cold, turgid waters, of course).
Breaking the law.
Each of these is an adrenaline-inducing activity leading to adrenaline rush. The sudden release of chemicals that causes your brain to overdrive. Harmless. I know that's how it may seem. But, just look at what happened to Bella.

5. Change

They say change is the only constant in the world. It is inevitable.
So, maybe good girls are just waiting for a change. And, maybe they're too afraid to start it themselves so they need someone braver to trigger it for them.

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