Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CRUSH Material

What are the things we see in men that make us go crazy over them?

A lot, actually. And, if I had to make a list of all of them, it'd take me forever. But, here's a quick run down of the top 10 from some female friends. (The arrangement was all me, though. Because, you know, I'm awesome. XD )

10. Good-Looking
Because women can be superficial, too. But, really, who can judge us when the easiest thing to recognize is aesthetics?? We look at guys and the first thing we see is his face. Now, if only the handsome pips could stop turning out to be shorter than us.

9. Fit
We're not talking about bulging muscles and all that because, frankly, they're a turn off. We mean fit as in physically fit (Yeah, I'm not sure I'm making sense either). The thing is, we want guys who are huggable and not rail thin. It'd be a bonus if he danced, or played sports like basketball.

8. Captivating Eyes
They say eyes are the windows to the soul. I'm not sure about seeing a person's soul through his eyes but there are eyes that just draw you in and threaten to drown you in their depths. Eyes that make you fall.

7. Musically-Inclined
This can range from simply loving listening to music to actually having the ability to create music. While the idea of serenade is dated, the thought of someone wooing you with well-thought out lyrics and notes can be quite appealing. So much so that we would even be willing to forgive tone deaf singers.

6. Thoughtful
What does being thoughtful mean? Well, it's quite simple. We want guys who can read our minds so he can come up with all the right things to do at the right time. Well, not really. Or, yeah. A bit. Really, it's all about the small gestures.

5. Respectful
There are two sides to guys- the one they allow us to see and the one they wear with their guy friends. We want guys who will respect us behind our backs. Those who won't let other guys talk crap about us. Because we deserve that.

4. Sense of Humor
It is as they say, if you want someone to fall for you, make her laugh. It's the fastest way to have us let our guard down. Just a quick reminder, though. While there are some of us who can tolerate and even appreciate guy humor, we'd prefer clean, harmless jokes.

3. Family-Oriented
You know how a guy will treat you by the way he treats his mother and his female siblings.

2. Intelligent
Because, what use is a great face without the brains to keep it interesting? Besides, smart people always make for great conversationalists. Although, I should probably clarify that I'm talking about smart people and not know-it-alls. Because nobody likes talking to know-it-alls.

1. God-Fearing
This is perhaps one of the hardest thing to find in men. The real ones, at least. I mean, just how many guys are there who aren't so easily taunted into doing things that are- for lack of better words- worldly?


Stephanie gaped at me. "That's a long list, Jo."

"I know."

She shook her head. "You realize he can't be all that, right? He'd have to be perfect."

"But, he is," I insisted. "He has to be. He's my crush."

My best friend just laughed at me. "Oh, I'd love to see your face when you get to know him and realize how far off you are."

Scrunching my eyebrows, I answered her. "But I won't get to know him. I'm not supposed to. He's my crush."

She gave me a weird look but I just stared back. It took her a minute before her face cleared up and she gasped with realization. "Poor, Nate."

"What?" I hated it when she does that- say things unsequentially. I'm never sure whether she's the problem or I am.

She smirked at me before uttering a word that confounded me even more. "Crush-zoned."

Yup. It's definitely her.

That small bit was an excerpt from Crush-Zoned! I've decided to join NaNoWriMo again this year. I'm not yet sure how I'm going to pull that off but I'm taking up the challenge. Am hoping for your support. :)

Oh, and I need a cover photo for this. Any takers?


  1. Ate Doris! For your Crush-Zoned cover photo, does it have to be an anime-style art or anything? Worry not, I won't use any copyrighted stuff. Unless you already have a cover photo? D:

  2. Hi! Uhm, I'm using a temporary cover right now. I was kinda hoping someone would volunteer to make me one. And then, you happened. Yey! Uhm, it doesn't really have to be an anime-style art. Feel free to go with what you're comfortable with. :)

    If you need more info on the book to make the cover, just ask away. Thank you so much for doing this!

  3. Like I said, I'm your fan!!! I've read your work already (already waiting for the next chapters!!) and I have some ideas. Give me a week and I will make some covers you will choose from... kinda busy with stuff as of the moment but I will make time for youuuuuu!!!

    1. Haha, I see. Okay then. Thank you again!!